From three installments of THE HUNGER GAMES franchise to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video - considered the most watched video of all time - the filmmaking imprint of Francis Lawrence is one of beauty, quality and unparalleled production. For Britney, Justin, Janet, Whitney, Jennifer Lopez, The Black Eyed Peas, and more, a music video by Francis Lawrence was the gold standard in the 90s. His “Bad Romance” video won him a Grammy and 10 MTV awards in 2010, along with being named Billboard’s Video of the Decade. 

Now, Francis directs commercials through VANDAL, in which he is partnered with his longtime producer Heather Heller. She observes that his latest work for fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co with Elle Fanning, and Dior with frequent feature collaborator Jennifer Lawrence, represent a new pinnacle for his artistry and are “the best branded work he’s done.” Indeed, these are visual wonders of enchantment and luxury – expanding on the aesthetic he has brought to such sweeping features as WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and the lush, beautifully lensed RED SPARROW.

As Executive Producer of SEE, starring Jason Momoa, Francis was part of 2019’s Apple TV original programming launch, directing the pilot and 7 additional episodes of the hit series, with the highly anticipated Season 2 now in production.