John-Michael Triana is a Cuban American fashion and beauty photographer and director based in downtown Los Angeles.

His short film, DANCE (Winner, Best Style, Los Angeles Fashion Festival 2019), dives deep into his curiosity of the digital age and highlights the driving inspiration of his work, existentialism, and romanticism. Much of his work is experimental in construction but always rooted within a unique point of view as it searches polished and mysterious worlds in search of meaning.

John-Michael’s latest work, Kenzo’s “The Chase,” is an Official Selection at the Los Angeles Fashion Festival 2021. His film for VOGUE Italia (“Just One World”) and VOGUE Japan x Coach (“The Encounter”) have been Official Selections in the Los Angeles Fashion Festival, Berlin Fashion Festival (2019 and 2018, respectively), with the VOGUE Japan x Coach collab selected for the 2018 Miami and Sarajevo Fashion Festivals as well.  

His work for VOGUE, David Yurman, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co and more provide additional opportunities to discover his captivating worlds as he blends the objective and the subjective to create surreal, cinematic experiences.