Keith Rivers is an award-winning director with a passion for anthem-driven narratives in his diverse body of work, which spans clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Unlimited Tomorrow, Porsche, McDonald’s, and Soundcloud, to name a few.

Keith created the instantly-viral Microsoft Surface launch video, which garnered 9 million views in its first week on YouTube and won a Gold ADDY. He has written, produced, and directed several global ad campaigns, including one for Internet Explorer 9, whereby a music synchronization deal for Alex Clare led to triple-platinum record sales and a BRIT award.

Among Keith’s passions is his involvement with the non-profit organization World Vision, to whom he has devoted time to area development projects out of Zambia, Bangladesh, The Amazon in Brazil, and Senegal. There, he has documented humanitarian missions around growing education, children, health, and culture.

As a hobby, Keith is a singer-songwriter, with four completed music albums, which can be found on iTunes.

When this VANDAL is not out shooting, documenting or playing, he’s in development on his debut feature film.