In 2021, music-driven content looks a lot like SKNX.TV (directing duo Sasha Kasiuha and VMA Award winner Nuno Xico). Coming from the world of film editorial and visual effects, respectively, Nuno and Sasha juxtapose traditional cinematic art form with cutting edge technologies and other mixed media, true create not just a story, but a sensation.


The joy they get from filmmaking is evident in the ebullient spirit and passion of their content. These VANDALs don’t take themselves - or celebrity - too seriously. But they’re developing serious directing chops. 


After launching a successful career as a film editor in Portugal, Nuno Xico’s ambitions led him to New York City, where he now lives and works as Director, Creative Editor and one half of SKNX. A VMA Award-winner, Nuno’s creative tact, technique, and passion for storytelling through a cinematic lens has resulted in sublime and unique collaborations with clients such as Madonna, Steven Klein, BMW, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Clinique, Vogue Italia, Miley Cirus, Tom Ford, Dior and others.


Sasha Kasiuha is a multidisciplinary image maker whose passion for film, photography and fashion inspired him to pursue Brand Management at FIT and Art Direction for Fashion at London’s Central Saint Martins. In addition, he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering, which comes in handy as he develops and scans all his 35mm and medium format film.